RARZ M XT905..Wireless & SIM No working

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    RARZ M XT905..Wireless & SIM No working [/B]Hi

    I bought a RAZR M XT905 on the net & have had no luck with it.
    The wireless does nothing, you turn it on & it turns it's self off stright away.
    I have put a SIM card in & it wont recognize it.
    I check the IEMI No. & it reads 0
    The phone was on Telstra in Australia.
    I down loaded 9.8.2Q_SMUIRD-7_SEMEAUnlk_USAXT90501TLSTRAE1019.0R_SMJBLTEAUTEL_ P008_A014_S1FF_fb.xml.zip but was unable to install it.
    The phone showed:-
    --Install /sdcard...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    Installation aborted.

    The phone has android 4.1.2 software installed.

    Can someone help me please....