Randomly Stops Receiving/Sending calls & Texts

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    Hey everyone,

    Was hoping someone could help me out. I have been having a super weird problem lately.

    Randomly my phone will just stop receiving calls/texts/emails. It does not give me any for warning & everything on the phone its self seems completely normal. I wont even notice until I go to make a call and it freezes after I hit send and wont let me end the call.

    As soon as I reboot my phone all of a sudden all my texts/emails will come through and than I am back to normal.

    I have no clue why this is. I am suspicious if it has something to do with when I update my apps. Im not 100% about that though. It seems like after I update a bunch of my apps after a few hours it starts doing it, but that could be coincidence. It only happens every once in a while. Updating apps can be a real pain in the butt some times. It frequently makes me stop the download and than restart it or stop the install and restart it. It usually just gets stuck at the downloading/installing field.

    I am running the latest Bugless Beast ROM with the P3 kernel. From what I hear many people with Gingerbread have been having this problem but I have been unable to locate a fix for it. It seems its not specific to any ROM but anyone with gingerbread.

    Anyone have any ideas? Would appreciate the feedback. Thanks
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