random reboot, now I'm "offline"?

Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Hacks' started by fire34fighter, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Using this guide(pretty sure its the same pretty much everywhere?)
    [RS Guide] How to Root Your Thunderbolt

    to root. Got to the point where you download the second PG05IMG....placed that on my phone and begin the adb thing again...All was well until I got to "adb push hbooteng.nb0 /data/local/hbooteng.nb0". I looked over and thee next thing I know my phone is rebotting (I guess a random reboot).....my phone turns back on and my computer starts to give me a bunch of errors concerning the drivers, and I'm not able mount my phone to my PC...After about a minute I was some how able to mount the phone and went to start over. I put in "adb devices" and my phone is listed, but it says "offline" next to it instead of device......Where do I go from here? Here's a screen shot of the process I made...