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Random RAZR Ringtones?

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by sambith, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. sambith

    sambith New Member

    Jan 7, 2012
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    Hey all,

    New to the boards, new to Android. The RAZR is my first non-iPhone since.. well launch day of the original iPhone, and GOOD LORD WHAT WAS I BEEN WAITING FOR!? Android is awesome!

    Anyway, I seem to be having a ringtone issue. Once a day, maybe, a ringtone plays. It's a sort of digital phone ring sound. Kind of weird, but it doesn't stop there.
    • My ringtone is set to the "Droid 3" tone
    • I have no custom ringtones for any of my contacts
    • The phone seems to do this only when it is locked
    • The phone only seems to do this when my Jawbone ERA is connected (no additional bluetooth software is installed, and the ringtone comes from the phone speaker - not the bluetooth headset, which is set to speak the incoming call #)
    • It only happens MAYBE once a day, and I cannot replicate the results no matter how I try
    • It is not specific to one individual
    • I cannot find this tone ANYWHERE on the phone - in any of the media or tone folders, even perusing the system directories have yielded no results
    The biggest problem of them all, is that I really like this tone, and would love for it to be my regular ringtone.

    Any ideas?
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