Random launch of Music App & Mute function while on calls

Discussion in 'Droid 2 Tech Issues' started by Juju, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Dec 14, 2010
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    1. When holding the sides of my DROID2, I would inadvertently start up the Music App which would start the Party Shuffle. I disabled the Search+m in the keybinding to make sure that isn't the issue.

    2. While on a phone call, while touching the sides of the DROID2 or laying it down on a desk, the phone will mute itself without notice.

    1. One of the touch buttons is bound to the Music App & the Mute function. I remembered a way to keybind different applications to the touch buttons but I forgot how to access it. Anyone know where I can find that info?

    2. My DROID2 is malfunctioning.

    3. Any other suggestions?
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