Random Freezes and Reboots - Fixed

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    My Droid 2 Global was experiencing random, but fairly frequent freezes, where when you pressed the power button you would get back-lighting on the screen but nothing else. I was also experiencing odd behavior in the media and car docks. Lots of force closes and other issues.

    My fix was to remove the SD card from the phone, mount it on a computer, run check disk and let it fix errors. (There were some). Then I deleted the files in the LOST and tmp directories, cleaned up some old pod cast downloads, and then defragged the card.

    Since then, not one freeze. Turns out that Android is sensitive to disk errors and media files that have issues. A lot of the podcasts I downloaded would either not play or would only play partially. I believe the system scans the card looking for media files periodically and if it encounters a file system error or other media file related errors, it causes odd behavior.

    Your mileage may vary, but this helped me!


    Robert Porter
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