Random Data drops?

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    One of the big reasons I upgraded was for the faster 4G speeds, and for a while, until I was well out of replacement time, it worked great. But now it has developed a problem of randomly dropping 4g signal strength, or not even finding it in the first place, in areas that should have good coverage, When it drops data, it will simply not get any connection at all, if it cant find 4G it wont even look for 3G, it just doesn't work. Another issue that has developed recently, and might be related, is when I launch the the YouTube app, it will also drop in the middle of songs or videos, saying something about an error connecting the server, retry later, this has really gotten me frustrated since it didnt have these issues when I got it.

    Also I have noticed that the GPS chip is much slower and inferior to the chip and GPS speed on my old Incredible, when searching for traffic updates it is far slower and takes more time to lock onto my position and is less accurate at times as well.

    Are these things that could be affected by doing a factory hard reset of the phone? or will the do nothing?

    PS. Just a question, how long does it typically take for this phone to turn on after being turned off? It seems to crawl for me and I would like to know if that is normal, again this seems to be an area in which the Incredible was superior.

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    The rezound has the most reliable 4G lte radio in Verizon's lineup. When people complained about dropped data on their Motorola or Samsung phones, Verizon would offer them a rezound knowing how well it worked.

    Then when summer arrived, many resound owners around the country started complaining. Obviously Verizon was making changes to 4G so that Samsung and Motorola phones will function.

    The speculation is that these Verizon 4G network changes needs corresponding matching phone radio firmware changes. People on the ICS leak like me had no dropped data problems because it had new radio firmware. Verizon kept delaying the ICS update which caused the problems.

    I might be wrong, but I think it is now rare for rezounds on ICS to have dropped data problems

    I keep fasboot setting option turned off, and yes it takes a few minutes to boot up.
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