Random Bootloader plugged in USB after Rooting...

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    I'm a Noob, I've had my OG Droid since it was new. Now that I'm up for contract, and I'm waiting for Bionic to come out, I decided to finally root my phone and see what the hype is about.

    I rooted my phone 2 days ago. Since, I've reloaded ROMs several times raging from UltimateDroid, Cyanogen, and random others. Currently running Android 2.2.1 and a ROM called Charity125.

    Currently, regardless of ROM being used, when I plug the A855 into a PC with the supplied USB cable, randomly the phone seemingly restarts into bootloader mode. If I unplug it and restart, it's fine. Thought it might be whatever ROM I selected, but seemingly makes no difference. I can get it connected, mount SD card, Tether, but randomly after a short time (just a few minutes, sometimes seconds) it'll seemingly disconnect and restart in bootloader mode. It will continue to restart in bootloader mode unless unplugged from USB.

    After reading all that I could about bootloader mode, it seems that many of these issues are linked to wet phones, or stuck D-pads, etc. I wasn't having any issues with my phone prior to rooting it. I'm just trying to determine if the phone has recent physical damage that's coincidental, prior damage that reared it's head after rooting, or some sort of OS "switch" I need to address to correct the problem.

    The only USB issue I've ever had with the phone, was early on I used a couple different generic MicroUSB chargers, that eventually quit working. The original USB cable and charger always worked, so I collected a few OG Motorola Droid USB cable, and that's all I've used for nearly a year without issue.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,

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