Rage of Bahamut TIPS/TRICKS

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    Hey guys. As a veteran player, Im gonna give u a few tips as you start playing this game. Cards are broken down into Normal, High Normal, Rares, High Rares, S Rares, SS Rares, Legendarys. 70% of players are currently in the High Rare stage because S Rares and Up are hard to come by. In the beginning, the Rare or higher cards are what you should be aiming for to improve your deck. Normals and High Normals are mainly used to Feed/Enhance your Rare or higher cards.

    When you first start you can pick from 1 of 3 Realms(Man,God,Demon). During the High Rare stage of play, Man has the strongest attack with their Claymore Maids but are weak when you first start out. Gods have the strongest defense with their Asparas. Demons come in a close 2nd for attack with moderate defense but are the strongest when first starting.

    All Rare and Up cards and some High Normal cards have skill boosts. The High normal skilled cards are mainly used to Skill level up your Rare and Up cards. However, you should only feed them skilled cards when the card is in its fully evolved Final Form. Non-skilled cards are used to level up your cards regularly. As you keep playing, you will realize you can evolve your cards different ways depending on how you Enchance them first. You can find out the different ways by googling Rage of Bahamut Visual Evolution chart.

    Back to skill boosts, the best ones are the ones that boost your own Realm. Boosts become less when they start boosting for more than one realm or attribute. A Big Boost to Man ATK is 13% and higher than a Big Boost to ATK/DEF(ALL) which is around 8%. Once your cards are fully evolved, you can start leveling their skills up to a Skill level of 10. Each level gives an extra 1% to your boost. Having cards in your Realm also gives a 5% boost to that card when you attack or defend.

    About currency, this game runs on Holy Powder(HP), Cure Water, and Rupies. Values fluctuate from time to time but Holy Powders are the most important. 1 Holy Powder is worth 2-3 Cure Waters or 75-120K Rupies depending on how things fluctuate. Rare cards are usually worth 1-2 HP. High Rares are worth anywhere from 4 to 60 HP. Browse through the Bazaar to get a feel of how much cards are worth. HPs are important because they allow you to refresh your Attack and Defense during Holy Wars or events.

    Holy Wars are events where you and your Order team up and fight other Orders. Wars last 1 hr each and the entire Holy War lasts for 3-4 straight days usually on weekends. This is the bread and butter of the game in my opinion because u get to team up and coordinate with your Order for HUGE REWARDS and Prizes.

    I hope all this helps! I know I struggled with how to understand this game when I first started playing. The info here should prevent you from making some big mistakes like I did back then lol. Like underselling cards, evolving cards too soon, etc.

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