Rage of Bahamut Code and Pointers for beginners

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    Code to enter after the tutorial --- YRN96151 --- this will give you 100,000 rupies plus a rare card - Angelic Knight. This card gives you a good advantage starting the game, I missed putting the code in and I'm still kicking myself. Enter my code and I will send you 50,000 rupies as well once I am notified (I also get 100k.) Most people that hand out codes will dump you without so much as a thank you, but I know working together in this game gives you an advantage.

    Make sure to max out your rares and High normals first, DO not evolve them until they are maxed out. You'll regret it if you do- they wont be as strong in their final form.

    Look up Mithrandirvii in the user search, I still have a little room in my Order - Disco Inferno
    I want new players that are going to start strong by using that code, by the time you reach my level you will be a Juggernaut! When you are strong the Order is strong.

    Joining an order gives you a support group, We can help you get treasures for more rare cards for more strength!
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