Radioshack to carry Verizon (again)

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    I would post this in the news section, but I'm not allowed to so I'll post it here. I work for Radioshack and today we get a memo that Radioshack will be carrying Verizon starting September 15th. Also during that time we will cease to carry T-Mobile phones at that point as well. I didn't print out any of the news memos but here are a couple links to verify the info. Also, 95% of the corporate stores will carry Verizon phones ranging from 10 to 16 SKUs depending on what tier they are in. Radioshack used to carry Verizon products until 2005 when they signed to carry AT&T.

    RadioShack Increases After Saying It Will Offer Verizon Wireless Services - Bloomberg

    RadioShack shuns T-Mobile for Verizon - Yahoo! Finance

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