Qvadriga is a Turn-Based Chariot Racing Game for Android & iOS; Wait... What?

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    I never thought I would see these two phrases used in the same sentence to describe the same game: "turn-based" & "racing." Despite my obvious doubt that this oxymoron could ever exist, there's a new game coming to Android and iOS called Qvadriga, which claims to be exactly that. In fact, not only does it claim to be a turn-based racing game, it's actually a turn-based chariot racing game! (As if it wasn't really weird already...) This game is set in a fictitious ancient Roman Empire with NASCAR/Indy style commentators.

    Marvel at this tongue-in-cheek humorous oddity in the video above! It's a bit pricey at $9.99, but if you are super into this ever popular genre, then it could be worth it! Here's a description of the game:

    Source: Google Play Store / iTunes
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