Quickly Root Your Verizon LG G2 with I0Root!

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    We have not seen the LG G Flex for Verizon as of yet. Who knows if and when that will happen. Meanwhile if you have picked up the LG G2 you can now easily and quickly root it with a "I0Root" by developer "thecubed". This will work on pretty much all other carrier versions of the LG G2, and should work on the latest OTA update on the Verizon version although it has not been officially tested on the latest OTA. For this to work you will need to first ensure you have the proper drivers installed and that your device is in the proper mode (ie Verizon version needs to be in Ethernet mode in the PC settings), Then you will need to enable developer mode on your phone and turn on usb debugging, Extract I0Root onto your system somewhere, Run Root.bat, You will be directed to disconnect the usb, disable usb debugging, then re-enable it, plug the phone back in, finally you will be asked if you would like to have the superuser package installed which you can either accept or deny. Be cautious when rooting your device and be aware that rooting could void your warranty! Head to the source link below for more info and downloads.

    Via XDA
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