Quickly and Instantly Share Your Thoughts With "Social Notification"

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    Many of us are addicted to social networks. If you are like me you participate in all social networks. This can be troublesome and annoying at times. Some times you have something very important to share and you don't want anyone to miss it. You could mostly share your thoughts pretty quickly by opening up one app and typing the message. However it can be frustrating and time consuming to leave the app you are currently in, search for the particular social network app, open the app, then type your message, then go back to what you are doing.

    Developer "Vinicius Alexandre" attempts to solve this conundrum with his application Social Notification. It is the fastest way to share thoughts across your favorite social networks. The app creates an always-on notification that you can touch to type text to share to twitter and other apps like Gmail, Facebook, and others. You won't have to leave whatever you are doing and open a dedicated app to get your message out. You can even send DMs, shortened links, and share with basically any app that handles text.

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