[Quick Review] Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Month later)

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    I have had the privilege of using the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE for Verizon for about a month now, and I wanted to share a quick review with you. It’s surprising to me that this tablet has mostly flown under the radar, because it has the first Super AMOLED plus display for a tablet, and some decent specs.


    This tablet seems to be one of the least hyped tablets that Samsung has released this year and I do not understand why. This tablet is quite amazing. Samsung really did a great job making this tablet thin, yet keeping a quality feel to it. The screen really is the selling point of this device. Thanks to the use of Samsung’s Super AMOLED plus technology, the screen looks gorgeous. Color is displayed vividly, it is very bright even on the lowest setting, and the highest setting does not kill your power that much.

    Battery life is usually an issue with smaller tablets but it isn’t with this one. Samsung has really outdone themselves with the 7.7, because it has better battery life than any other tablet I’ve used before (iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Amazon Kindle, etc.). You can go all day with a single charge, and if used moderately you might not have to charge it until the next day. The size makes it very convenient to carry, since it can fit in most guys’ pockets, and it is just a pleasure using it for emails, web browsing, and Netflix watching. The only gripe I would have about the design is how easily scratched the back can get.

    Software is another thing Samsung did well with the tab. They included their typical TouchWiz interface, but it is quite subtle and does not really hurt the device in my opinion. Using their user interface actually adds to the experience I had with this new tab. Turning on the screen, it gives me a lot of details right from the home screen thanks to the Touchwiz widgets. Power management is also one thing that Samsung did amazingly well. They were able to make use of the dual-core processor to its fullest by making applications close as you leave them behind, so you will never truly experience lag on the tablet. They did, sadly, include a little bloat-ware but that was expected.

    A quick note about the network experience I have with this tablet; it is quite inconsistent. I am able to reach speeds up to 45 Mbps when testing it with Speedtest.net, but somehow when actually using the network, the experience is very slow at times.


    Here's the final breakdown:

    ● Higher than 720p Super AMOLED displayer
    ● Fast Dual-core Exynos processor
    ● Great battery life
    ● Convenient size
    ● No lag software
    ● Sleek design
    ● Development community backed (Droidforums.net)

    ● Inconsistent 4G
    ● Price
    ● Easy scratch back


    10/10: Speed and Multitasking
    8/10: Camera Quality
    10/10: Browsing Experience
    10/10: Music Playback
    7/10: Network
    7/10: Pricing
    9/10: Overall Rating


    Would I buy it?
    Yes would, and I am! This tablet is the best I have ever used for Android. The Samsung Galaxy line of tablets seems to just get better with time. The screen and size of this device, matched with the battery life, makes it the most convenient piece of technology I have.

    Recommend it?
    Yes; if you want a tablet that will last all day, there really is nothing better out there.
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