Quick And Easy Method For Disabling OTA Update Nag For Verizon Phones!

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    If you are into hacking and modding your Android device then you know that the Golden Rule of rooting is to NEVER accept OTA updates from Verizon and the OEM since they often include patches for root and bootloader unlock. It is also a good idea not to take the update if root has not been achieved on your phone since most exploits will be found in the release firmware. These updates will pretty much always unroot your device and if you are unfortunate to have a device that is not bootloader unlocked you may never have another root method for your device. This can all be avoided by simply not accepting the OTA update. If you are running stock and you aren't on a rom you will be presented with a notification daily that you will have to deny asking you to please accept the OTA update. You can do away with this notification pretty easily.

    Method 1 (Root Required)
    -Be rooted
    -Grab a file explorer with root permissions (my favorite has always been root explorer)
    -navigate to etc/security
    -turn on r/w
    -choose otacerts.zip and rename to otacerts.zip.bak

    Method 2 (No Root Required)
    -Go To Settings
    -Select All
    -Open The "Google Play Services" App
    -uncheck the Notifications Box

    Either of these two methods should disable the update nag.
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    Freeze SDM 1.0 with titanium backup should do the trick as well..

    N3 tap
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