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    Two questions. And before you bash me, YES, I did search the forums, and try to find all the info I could, but nothing really useful. Sounds like the kind of info shared between devs, and thats it.

    1: I could swear I read somewhere that someone found a "fix" for using the phone when putting a voice call on "speaker". When turned up, it would distort, and sound choppy. But when the fix was applied, it could be turned all the way up, and the quality of the sound greatly improved. This was also done for the music app, so that music could be turned all the way up, and still sound clear, not garbled.

    2: This is NOT meant for illegal copyright purposes, only for use while I am testing my ROM. Is there a way to have a user APK, like Root Explorer for example, be installed when the system is installed via the method? I am running a custom ROM that had Titanium Backup pre-installed, but I dont know how to get a different program to install like Titanium did.

    3: After I have a ROM I am wanting to release, and its currently running on my phone, how do I get from that point, and package it into an file for distribution, so that it includes all the tweaks I made to whats currently running on the phone?

    If someone could give me some details on how to do these things, that would be greatly appreciated
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