Questions About Rooting (NEWBIE)

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by Iorveth, Apr 25, 2012.

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    First, i would like to thank those who will help me with my questions.

    Second, here are my questions:

    1-If i root my Razr XT910 to Stock EU region OR US(Currently having Asia), will i still be able to get updates from google or motorola ?

    2-If i root my Razr XT910 to Stock EU or US, will i be able to get the OFFICIAL upgrade to ICS ?

    3-Will i still be able to use my SIM CARD (T-Mobile) if i change my ROM from Asia to EU ?

    4-Have Anyone did this before ?

    5-Is there a chance that i will DESTROY my Razr XT910 if i do this ?

    Thank you again ! Dont forget to help ! this is my first ANDROID phone !

    I decided to get something different thatn the IPhone.....

    EDIT: i am currently using 2.3.6 and the system version is 65.1.40.XT910.PSHAsiaRetail.en.03
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