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    I have been shopping around for insurance for my HTC Incredible 2, and I have a few questions about Ensquared.

    1. Do you cover my phone? I have not seen the names Incredible 2 and Ensquared mentioned in unison.

    2. How comprehensive is your water damage coverage? I know spills are covered because I visited your web site, but spills are the least of my worries. How about:
    a. Full immersion in pool, water, toilet, sink, etc.
    b. Water damage from rain/snow

    3. I read the claims process on your site, and for lost and stolen phones, the claims process seems like a real hassle. I think I can live with this because I don't ever plan on losing a phone or having it stolen. I am more worried about water/physical damage. Is the claims process simpler for these two instances? Can you take me through a brief example to shed some light?

    4. I bought my phone through Costco. Is it still covered? Cosco gives me a 90 day period to freely exchange my phone for another. What would happen if I purchase insurance today, and I decide to get a Droid X2 before my 90 day exchange period expires?

    If I can think of anything else, I will post it.
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