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    I'm a new owner of the razr maxx, I got it via ebay and am using it as a GSM phone (global-ready phone and all).
    Everything's great, I debloated the phone in stock jelly bean from all the verizon crap and the phone's running great, faster than I ever could've hoped for and the battery life's awesome, external speaker's strong which is nice for when I wanna listen to music without headphones and the screen's great, don't really need 720p as long as I get battery life like this.
    However, after digging around for some info on the phone I noticed it had a SAR rating which rivaled some nuclear reactors (kidding, but cmon it's awfully high).
    Now, I don't know if this was tested for CDMA or GSM or if there's even a difference, but for me this is worrisome- 1.45 w/kg compared to a galaxy s2 with a 0.16 W/kg SAR rating I could've bought (it obviously doesn't have the great battery life this phone has but it has a removable battery so if all else fails I could buy a bigger one and somehow manage the bulkiness).
    So, I don't know, I figured I'd ask you guys what you thought about the whole thing, mind you I seem to be getting 3-4 bars mostly with the device, rarely lower or higher (5 bars) than that, which I hope doesn't mean the radio is straining for a signal and slowly radiating me in the process lol.
    Any thoughts?
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