Question going from 4G to 3G or vise versa

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    I have thunderbolt. I really like it. when I'm out it's fine it detects the 4G and 3G networks correctly. Of course as I'm driving and not on the net.

    In my house I live right smack in the middle of 4G and 3G cutoff. My phone switches back and forth understandably. While it's switching I'm getting cut off the net until a connection connects it's self. I can put my phone on lte only or 3G auto prl. and it will be fine.

    My question is will this happen on any phone or is this exclusive to the thunderbolt. I called verizon and got 1st level and she said in my circomstance it would happen on any phone. When I called HTC they said the same thing.

    I called LG and asked them because they have this revolution out and the guy said with there phone you mostly won't experience it, but you might for 5 secounds.

    I'm looking for an honest answer from someone who knows because I'm in my warrentee period. As I like the the fourms of the LG revolution I tried it and feel more comfortable with the thunderbolt. However I'm willing to switch if what I am decribling about the disconnects is exclusive to the thunderbolt in an area is right smack in the middle of a cut off of 4G and 3G

    Thank you for you time.
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