Question about TaskPanel, anyone?

Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by Jim 777, May 5, 2010.

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    In my quest for better (read: descent) battery life, I moved from setcpu to teh taskpanel. I thought based on the "tutorial" that it has, that if I enable "Auto-Killer" it will kill all apps running (except those in the ignored list) when the phone goes in to stanby or sleep mode. But when I am using the phone and finish I hit the power button to shut down the screen, and when I bring it back up all the previous apps are still there running.

    So then I decided that when I started seeing these apps and I decide that it's ok to kill them, I select them for the "Killer-List". When I do this they turn red. Now if I'm looking at the active apps and lets say there's two in white (active or ignored) and 4 in red, and I hit the power button, I can hit it again and unlock the phone and the red apps are now gone (shut down). Perfect!

    Except it seems that if I hit the power button from say the home screen, when I bring it back up, those 6 apps will still be running from the previous session. Anyone know why this is?