question about manually installing a theme

Discussion in 'Android Custom & Themes' started by krnboixshawn, Jun 23, 2010.

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    sorry guys if this has been posted, i've search and couldn't find the right answer i was looking. i kinda found the answer but it was more for people that knew EXACTLY what they were doing so it wasn't quite noobie friendly.

    I wanted to install the droidhead in my drop down menu. I installed busybox and mm and extracted the file and hit install. it just hangs on me and does nothing and i've waited up to 30 mins. so then i installed mm that uses thml or something not xml and tried the theme that works for that. it installs fine but after reboot nothing happened and market place keeps force closing.

    people are talking about apd or something in that line and pushing into the phone but it's all pro talk to me. sorry very noob.

    i was wondering how i can go about installing this droidhead. thank you

    i'm using 2.1 bbv1.1 with launcherpro