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    So i ran the script on page 1 of the post through adb installed the droid swap program and everything seemed fine.
    about 1hr later i unplug my phone from pc and when the sdcard loads i get a card error and my phone asks if i want to format it..
    i said no and am now copying everything on it to my pc lol...

    guess i dont even know what my question is lol but if anyone knows what this problem could be, or if the autopartition even is the cause?

    just odd that i run script then get the problem later.

    can anyone point me to a link or reply with some deeper insight into what auto partitions main benefits are?
    i mainly ran it cause i read that the next ud version coming out will be using some app2d <sp> and i just wanted to get it working.
    after i ran it though i thought... wont this be wiped when we upgrade to v10 anyways? not quite sure on it all atm

    the sdcard is still functioning atm, i mounted it and am just copying everything to pc incase it bombs out on me.

    k so please can someone drop some knowledge of this on me if you can

    edit: sdcard is the 16gig card that came with the droid also ( if this matters )

    update: so after i copied everything to pc i rebooted the droid and the sdcard wouldnt mount at all to pc....
    i reformatted it and am now copying it all back.. had no error after the format tho very weird
    least i got my info saved some i hadnt copied over yet.. like my latest nandroid lmfao
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