Quake3 on Droid X (video)

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    Below is a link of me playing Quake 3 on the Droid X at max setting. It works fantastic, and is the best game that can be played on the Android OS right now IMO.

    'This is Quake3 being played on the Motorola Droid X. All of the settings are maxed out. The gameplay is very smooth and not choppy at all (the camera is what makes it look choppy). The volume rocker is used to JUMP (+) and RUN FORWARD (-). The touch screen is being used to LOOK and also FIRE with a quick tap on the screen. This game is surprisingly fun, and very playable. By far the best game you can play on the Android OS right now. NOTE:: I also ran this on a HTC Incredible and it was no where near as smooth. I had to decrease numerous settings to get it to a playable state.'
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