Quad Core 2.5Ghz

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    Source: Winfuture

    The chip maker Qualcomm today announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the new generation of its Snapdragon processor. It is a quad-core with 2.5 GHz.

    The model is APQ8064 the new flagship of the Snapdragon chipset family. It is based on a new micro-architecture called "Krait", which is manufactured in 28-nanometer process. The new Snapdragon chips will come in smart phones, tablets and similar mobile devices are used.

    Despite the enormous power of the energy demand could increase as compared to the first-generation Snapdragon be reduced. According to Qualcomm, the twelve times the performance at a 75 percent lower power consumption is achieved. The products that use the APQ8064 can run complex operating systems, which represent higher resolutions, compute games in HD resolution, bypassing economical with the energy.

    The chip comes with not only four cores, but also supports a number of other features, including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM radio, and Near Field Communication (NFC). In addition, the new quad-core graphics processor Adreno is 320 for use, the performance by a factor of 15 should be greater than that of the first Adreno.

    The new Snapdragon generation will be installed no earlier than next year in the first products. Qualcomm intends to distribute in 2012, the first samples to manufacturers. Currently, there is also no need for such a high-performance chips.