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    Hey guys, i've already search around the internet, but i didn't find my problem so

    I believe that the software it's okay because e restored it to the original firmware, brasilian xt860 retail 2.3.5

    So i think that the problem is on the hardware because:

    Everytime my cell phone is in my pocket, shaking a lot, it reboots by himself, but when it's on my desk for example, it doesn't reboot, so i did something:

    *restored the original firmware - no luck
    *fixed the battery with some paper - no luck
    *turned off all connections - no luck
    *changed my sim card and sdcard - no luck
    *formated my sdcard and sdcard-ext - no luck

    What should I do? . I'm scared because i don't want to lose my phone, so
    Should I buy another phone?
    Should I go to an electronic store and ask for them to fix it?
    or, do you have any advice?

    *edit: i went to a phone store and they said that the cable that is in between the display and the keyboard was broken, so they will fix it for me......waiting for the final answer..thanks anyway
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