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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2 Development' started by Jester822, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Problem: When Voice Dialer is engaged via Bluetooth it sets the Bluetooth in-call volume to 50% (basically inaudible in a moving car). I always have to hurry up and turn up the volume once Voice Dialer was engaged.

    After a bunch of testing and Market app testing I have discovered that when Voice Dialer opens (with BT connected) it overrides the current Bluetooth in-call volume setting and allows it to return where it was once VD closes and the phone takes over.

    I'm guessing either the Voice Dialer app has a setting built into it to do do this or there's a setting in the Bluetooth app. I was hoping, perhaps naively, it was as simple as finding an init type setting like setvolume = 50 (or 8) that I could just change to 100 (or 15). I have been unable to find anything like that.

    My question is, can someone direct me to where I should look for this and how to tweak it? If it's something that requires another app to workaround it or that it would be a slicker way to to do it, would you be willing to make it? I have search the web and forums and this is a complaint of BT + VD users, but the only solutions offered are to use manually use Voice Search or apps from the market - none of which are hands-free solutions or work very well for me in getting the correct contact.

    Any help is appreciated.