Purple Drake Will Root and Install TWRP to Your T-Mo LG G3

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    It was announced that the T-mobile version of the LG G3 would release with an unlockable bootloader and this was indeed the case. An unlockable bootloader means that you can easily install recovery and then mod and rom your phone. With a simple utility created by a team of developers (IOmonster, jcase, and autoprime), you can easily root your T-mo LG G3 and install Team Win Recovery Project.

    This is a script that will run on both Linux and Mac (soon it will run on Windows). All you have to do is double click to open and it will run you through the process automatically rooting your G3 and then asking if you would like to install TWRP. Thats it pretty simple stuff. There is also a "light version" that will root the verizon and att variants. You will not be able to install twrp to the verizon or att variants. Head to the link below to grab this utility.

    via XDA

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