PSX Emulation: psx4droid vs FPSE

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    Now that FPSE has been out for a few weeks, I'd like to see some comparisons between the two, most specifically on the X but really with any device in particular.

    I've compared game-play using mostly FF7 and Chrono Cross, so my sample size is small.

    For psx4droid to run well, I need to overclock my X to 1.25 GHz to avoid lengthy dips below 60 fps. Once I do that, it all runs smoothly. I can run it at stock 1 GHz, but it gets very choppy in screen transitions. I do like the dpad layout just fine. I don't like how the screen can't stretch full-screen.

    With FPSE I still get some issues with graphics rendering imperfectly. However, I can run the games at full speed without being choppy at stock speed and even under-clocked at 900 GHz thanks to the frame-skip which its engine handles...that's something that would let it run at normal speed (with just a few missing frames) even on slower devices or by using less battery power by not requiring overclock. I love how it renders full-screen. I haven't figured out my optimum settings for it yet; maybe that's why I don't have it running as smoothly as psx4droid yet.

    As of right now, on my machine in particular and with the games I've got, psx4droid is the better the two. However, FPSE is being updated almost daily it seems, and with its dev being so dedicated to the project, I imagine it will have the games running as well if not better in the next couple weeks.

    So, in my opinion, if you're looking to run a Playstation on your machine, I'd buy FPSE. With its settings, it's a far surer bet that it will run the games you'd like on the device you've got. However, if you've got a powerful machine capable of (stably) overclocking to 1.2-1.4 GHz, then psx4droid might be a better bet.

    Also, please don't download it without paying...last thing PSX lovers would want is the dev becoming jaded or unresponsive since people keep taking his stuff for free.

    Will post my CPU and emulator settings later.

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