project durden rom, compiled from source repo

Discussion in 'Droid Mod' started by sneaky_zekey, Jul 19, 2010.

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    so i was bored and saw that droidmod had released there repo source for project durden to the public that they been working on for awhile. so i compiled it from there repo source and made an otapackage. its froyo 2.2 from the looks of it. it has DM updater included and droid mod setting in the settings section,lol first i applied it over sapphire 0.8.4 with no issues(only tested it for a few minutes) then i wiped data and cache(looks like parts of sapphire remained) then applied it. made me go threw the setup and stuff, my apps restored in the background successfully. i did get a few FCs with the market but have not sence a reboot. the market fix might need applied but anyway i thought id share, might be a few people out there having troubles compiling this. i know i did. kernal looks to be 8000

    all credit goes to droidmod team and everyone in the irc that answered my questions and google for there awesome search engine

    apply with clockwork or sprecovery but rename it to if using sprecovery. you all know the drill.

    now let the theme porting begin