Project Downforce - "Mode 7" Retro Racing Game! LIVE ON GOOGLE PLAY!

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    Hi there!

    I am proud to announce the release of POLYGAMe d i g i t a l's first ANDROID racing title, Project Downforce!

    Get behind the wheel of a powerful Grand Prix racing car and burn some rubber on exotic circuits from around the globe!

    Take on seven opponents for the championship title, blast through a single race, or simply hit the track to rack up some best times in the Time Trial mode.

    Project Downforce is a simple, pick-up-and-play retro arcade racer with ultra smooth mode 7-styled visuals and massive scaling sprites, throwing back to the arcade machines of the late 80s. If Super Mario Kart and Super Monaco GP had a lovechild, Project Downforce would be its name!

    * 3 game modes - GP, Single Race and Time Trial
    * 7 racetracks from around the globe, including Hawaii, New Zealand and Japan
    * Adjustable difficulty level
    * Stomping retro soundtrack by NecroPolo
    * Ultra-fluid Super Nintendo Mode 7 styled tracks with massive, smooth-scaling roadside objects
    * 7 relentless AI opponents out for the gold trophy
    * Retro, digital control pad touch controls

    Project Downforce is the first racing game from POLYGAMe d i g i t a l and we welcome any feedback, be it bug reports or ideas for future updates and/or games. You control the destiny of or products!

    Thanks for supporting indie gaming! Now, get your helmet on and hit the track!!!

    2012-09-24 19.12.51.png EgyptSRAndroid.png HawaiiTrackSelectAndroid.png TitleScreenAndroid.png

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