##PROGRAM or (##7764726) No Longer Works!

Discussion in 'Droid 4 Tech Support' started by xsylus, Nov 17, 2013.

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    I've been using my Droid 4 normally for quite some time. It's running a mostly stock version of Android 4.1.2. When I say mostly stock I mean that it is rooted and has also been flashed to Cricket. The phone has been working great for a good while so I haven't had the need to tinker with the internal settings but today I decided I wanted to check one of the setting I had remembered seeing in the hidden program menu. So I pulled up the dial-pad, punched in the ##7764726 and clicked dial, however instead of being greeted with the prompt asking for the security code the phone actually tried to call the number... :blink: I thought I had put it in wrong but when I checked I had entered it right. I rebooted the phone and tried again but it still tried to dial the code like a phone number. Slightly perturbed I ran Titanium Backup to make sure I had a recent backup of my files, settings, and data and I then did a complete factory reset. Unfortunately even the reset didn't fix the problem :mad:!!! At this point I'm at a loss. Does anyone know why I can no longer access the hidden program menu by dialing that code? Or, more importantly how to fix it? I keep thinking about flashing a fastboot but I know if I do that I'll have to re-flash the Cricket settings as well - which I'm not looking forward to doing.
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