Product Review. Hard Case for Moto Droid.

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by DriodDude, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Just wanted to do a quick review for the "Amzer Droid Snap on Crystal Hard Case" for the :motdroidvert:.

    • Thick (protects from scratches)
    • Easy to remove
    • Protects camera well
    • Does not interfere a lot with buttons/soft keys
    • Somewhat scratch resistant (more so than back of an itouch)

    • Thick (adds unwated bulk to phone)
    • Does not cover entire phone (only about 90%)
    • Collects dust/crumbs in corners and crevices
    • snap on points make it uncomfortable to hold
    • Corners are loose
    • Fingerprint collector
    • Not as shock absorbent as a silicone case
    • Faceplate etched two marks into my screen protector, one under the speaker, another under the LED

    Overall I am not happy with it. I take the case off when my phone is going to be in my pocket for an extended period of time, such as in school. For at home use, when I am constantly picking up my phone and setting it down, it does protect the camera lens and the entire back of the Droid. The scratches in the screen protector are minor, but still piss me off. They are not visible though with the faceplate on. Now I keep the faceplate off 100% of the time. For the price (about $20 minus shipping) it isn't a bad choice, but there are definitely better options than this. I don't know if I am allowed to post a link to where I bought it from (this is forbidden on some forums I belong to) but if you want you can pm me and I'll send it to you.
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    Bought this mall in houstan. It was easy enough to put on the phone and seems to protect it pretty well unless something hits the screen directly. for me this looks pretty good and fits the 80's retro style of the phone well and protecting better than the other plastic pieces on which I spent $50 bucks. soft rubber feel is good for gripping and do not add much bulk like other... overall good case and get 4 start out of 5 from me
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