Problems with the Ultimate Droid.

Discussion in 'Blackdroid' started by GohanBurner, Apr 3, 2010.

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    First of all, thank you so much to the Blackdroid team for creating this masterpiece. I just need to point out some things that annoy the living **** out of me in hopes that sometime in the future...these will be fixed. Please acknowledge the following:

    1. "On going" processes listed in the notification pull-down bar - the font is black and hard to read.

    2. The 9.0 app browser is faulty. If you are to tilt the droid and have the horizontal view the names of the apps get moved to the right and also become cut off. This stays this way even in vertical mode. PLEASE include the "droid" logo glass drawer with your new releases.

    3. I know it isn't much, but please don't go Hewlett-Packard on us including all of these applications that some of us can't get rid of. Like that zing player.

    That is all for now. Please let me know what your thoughts are on these.