Problems with HTC Incredible since Feb. 25

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    I’ve had an HTC Incredible phone since July 2010. It worked great until February 25, 2011. I was on vacation, and got a message that the system was “upgrading.” Since that time I have had repeated force closes. I muddled along, because I didn’t have time to take the phone to Verizon. I knew it probably needed a hard reset, but I wanted to talk to Verizon first.
    On March 28, I finally took the phone into Verizon, and they did a hard reset. Of course, I lost all the apps I had downloaded and all the customization. I reloaded most of them, and on April 1, while I was playing Angry Birds, the phone force closed again. Most of the other apps started force closing as well.
    On April 2, I did a hard reset at home. On my first attempt to reactivate the phone, Verizon’s system told me it couldn’t reactivate. A few hours later, on a second attempt, it did reactivate. But when I restarted the phone, I immediately got a message from Market that it had upgrades available. The phone shut off while it was upgrading the apps. I finally did get the upgrades and the phone re-started, but all the standard apps on the Home screen were gone.
    This hard reset worked for a week.
    Between April 2 and April 9, the only apps that didn’t come with the phone that I downloaded were Call Confirm (so my phone won’t make calls when it is bumped in my purse) and Yahoo Mail (so I can get my email).
    On April 9, I used Maps to give me directions when I went out of town. The phone gave me the directions, but then shut off when I tried to turn on Navigation. It took several restarts to get the phone back to the Home screen. When I returned home that afternoon, I again opened Maps. The phone shut down when I tried to get directions. When I restarted the phone, it stayed stuck on the first screen (that says HTC Incredible) for the hour’s drive home (I had it on the car charger while I drove). By the time I got home, the phone was almost too hot to touch. I restarted the phone when I got home, and I was able to get to the Home screen and to make calls.
    On April 10, when I looked at the phone in the morning, it was again stuck on the first HTC Incredible screen. I don’t know what happened during the night. I did a soft reset, and the phone went into continual reboots. Sometimes it got stuck on the first screen, sometimes on the second (which says HTC brilliant, or something like that), and sometimes it got to the “droid” sound.
    I did another soft reset (still on April 10). This time I got to the set-up program, but then I got lots of force closes on and other such programs.
    I don’t want to do another hard reset without knowing what’s going on. I won’t continue to do hard resets, knowing that I have to download apps and re-customize the phone each time.
    Does anyone know what’s going on? I am new to this forum.
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