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    I have had the droid since the first week it came out and i absolutely love it.

    But im in sort of a pickle right now.

    Ive had my Droid rooted within the first week, but a while ago I decided to try Sholes, since it seemed so easy to use, and had good feedback.

    I started with sholes 2.0.3, and everything was perfect.

    But after i updated to sholes 2.0.5 and after that the more recent DroidMod, I have noticed a few problems.

    One of them being it gets very hot out of nowhere, im not running 50 apps at once or playing an intensive game, most of the time it'll be when im doing light stuff like browsing the internet and maybe when im using my camera.

    After it got hot, some apps started to force close, noteably the camera app.

    And whenever i restarted after sholes 2.0.5 and Droidmod, it would keep restarting 9/10 times and I would have to take the battery out in order to try again. I would let the phone cool off and it still did it.

    So today i got sick of it. And i went to install my that was default 2.0.1 + root in SPrecovery. I forgot to hit the allow button and when i hit install it said was blocked.

    So naturally I hit the button and went to try again. But when i hit the button it was still stuck on allow I assumed it was a graphical error and tried to install my After i hit it the second time it said cannot find And i saw the progress bar moving. So i waited to see what would happen with the progress bar and it was just stuck at halfway after that.

    So i exited and rebooted the phone, after i got it working it was stuck on the DroidMod load animation. I got a little scared now, and i went to restore via nandroid, did that and ended up here, with an older version of sholesmod.

    I mounted my sd card and found that my was deleted somehow.

    So now my idea is to just install default 2.0.1 + root and factory reset it via SPrecovery.

    My question is, when i install my with root, will SPrecovery + nandroid stay? What about after factory resetting it?

    Also, does anybody have any links for the default 2.0.1 + root

    Sorry i wrote a book, but i felt that i needed help as im getting nowhere at the moment.

    And i REALLY like DroidMod, because of how quickly i can get it up and running with high quality hack and wifi tethering, along with other goodies.

    If somebody could let me know if this is a droidmod probem or maybe a problem with my phone i would appreciate it as i would love to keep using it.

    Or maybe somebody knows of another rom that includes the same goodies, such as default youtube hq, etc.
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