Problems with Droid after dropping Cyanogen ROM and going back to stock.

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    Hi, long time reader, first time poster.

    I'm having problems with my Motorola Droid after reverting back to stock from Cyanogen, and I think I missed quite a few steps. It wasn't that the rom was bad because it was awesome, I just wanted to try out the froyo,root again, and possibly leave it there with SetCPU also installed.

    Ok, so I reverted back to stock 2.0.1 from Cyanogen, because I figured that was the same version of the Droid OS I installed the custom rom from. Now, I went back in to update all of the factory installed apps like facebook, and google maps, and I get an error that says package file is not signed correctly. I search on here, and it doesn't seem like too uncommon of a problem, but I doubt any of the solutions are viable in my case.

    Also, when I first reverted, my recovery file was missing, so I had to flash it in using RSDLite, and I got my recovery system running again, but now I'm still stuck. Also I can't even think about trying to use the OS to get an OTA update for 2.2. Five minutes later, I have the file downloaded for 2.2 Froyo, and go into my SPRecovery to install it, I get the same thing "Package file not signed correctly. Aborting Installation."

    Now, I've tried doing factory restores, data wipes, cache wipes, all this. But now I think the only way to fix the problems are to reroot it and unroot it again, and I can't find (or remember) how to root it from 2.0.1, since I doubt it will let me install 2.1 and root it from there since the package file may not be signed correctly.

    So this is pretty much where I'm at now. I have a phone with limited capabilities as far as facebook and the already installed google apps go, stuck with factory versions of the software, and I can't update (OTA or manually) to the version of Droid I wanted to try out.
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