Problems with BT and Pioneer Avic D-3 on calls.

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by holee, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I'm posting this in the hopes that someone here will have a workaround.

    I have a Pioneer Avic D3. It's a combination GPS/stereo/hands-free device that's in my car.

    I can pair the Droid to it fine. When I'm on a call, everything's gravy. However, about 1/4 calls I make or receive on the Droid, there is no Bluetooth Audio coming out on the speakers. I can hear the other person only through the phone's speaker.

    Restarting the Bluetooth connection on the phone, or restarting the phone, fixes this until it happens again.

    I can pair the Droid + the Pioneer fine 100% of the time. Even when I hear no BT audio, the Droid + Pioneer both say the pairing is alive.

    I"ve called Pioneer, Motorola and Verizon. And all three keep pointing the finger at the other, and all three say they've never herd of this issue. The kicker was today, when I got escalted to Motorola level 3 support, and the operator told me that the problem must be Pioneer, because the Droid is guaranteed to work with every Bluetooth device.

    I'm frustrated. I don't want to return the phone, but I won't keep a phone that I can only use to make/receive calls 3/4 of the time.

    From what I've seen on the OTA fix that's rumored on Dec 11, it MAY have an impact but it may not. I don't really want to keep the phone in the hopes that there's a magic fix.

    I've already swapped it out once already.

    So if someone knows of something else I could try, I'd appreciate it. Anything so I continue to be lazy.
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