Problems Viewing Email with Stock Email App

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    To start out, I am running UD 10 and have had no troubles with it so far.

    Now my problem begins with the stock email app. I never had problems with the previous (2.0) stock email app until I installed UD 10 which I believe comes with the 2.1 version of the stock email app.

    What it does - The 2.0 stock email doesn't display images or anything and I was always able to read my email with it. No Problems

    The 2.1 version - This version allows viewing of images and shows the email as if I was on the computer. The strange part and the only emails I have troubles with are from my school. My school sends out what I call junk email alot. People can send an email to, for ex [SALES] and it will be distributed to everyone in the mailing list. I have noticed and it is only from the emails with brackets and a name, ex [something] in the subject line that the Text in the emails doesn't show up. Its like all the text gets deleted and it still shows the attachments and everything.

    My solutions that have failed -
    Got a program called Work Email and it works and displays the emails just like 2.0 did, but I cant stand the white theme.

    Tried K-9, Turns out I can not figure out how to configure this app. Ive tried everything from using Thunderbird which if you input some info then it will try an auto config for you telling you all the port info. Doesn't work.

    So, basically I am using the stock email app to view my emails but the ones that don't show up I have to go to Work Email App just to see what the email says. Very annoying especially around the end of the quater when my inbox fills up with books for sale and I get about a thousand emails from [SALE].

    Sorry for the long description, but Ive searched and searched and I think I am the only person with this problem. Anybody have any ideas?? Any way to install 2.0 email app on UD 10? Thanks in Advance
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