problems transferring apps from drawer to GB home screen &/or default home screen

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    dont know if there is a thread for this question:

    I tried to place an app from my drawer to the home screen using the stock GB home screen. I have:
    -default home}
    -home}both of these are here b/c I think I read somewhere that i needed default home to go from Go launcherEX or GB stock. . Orginially coouldnt use home switcher.
    -go launcher ex

    ok, saying this if I long prees an app in the drawer a list comes up asking :
    add to home,share,add to group,uninstall.

    I pick add to home-doesnt go anywhere, doesnt appear on a screen anywhere. doesn't even go into a added folder. I used home AND default home-nothing.

    Is there a glitch or a setting i need to do or allow my apps go from drawer to screens.

    I want to set up my GB home screens and utilize GB and GLex.