Problems loading custom boot -- HTC Incredible

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by istrasci, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Jul 30, 2010
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    I'm a new member. Apologies to forum admins / everyone if I should have found this information somewhere else.

    I'm trying to load a custom boot animation onto my Incredible. I've followed serveral how-to's on the web that are all basically the same. My first question is, do I have to be rooted to be able to do this? None of the guides/videos I used have mentioned this, so presumably not.

    Anyway, have my animation, installed SDK.
    I do a
    adb push /data/local
    from the SDK tools folder (yes, is in this folder). This seems to work, but it says it sent 0 bytes.

    However, if I do
    > adb shell
    $ cd /data/local
    $ ls -l
    it shows the there and the correct file size. However, rebooting the phone (hard or soft) doesn't show the animation. I just get a black screen during the time the animation should be playing. If I use Astro (or other file manager) or adb shell to try to show (ls -l) the /data directory, it's unreadable (permissions d---).

    1) Why does adb push say it sent 0 bytes but the file is actually there?
    2) Why won't it play my animation when I reboot?
    3) Why is /data not readable (or seemingly writable either)?
    4) Do I need to be rooted?

    Again, apologies if I missed something or should have looked elsewhere. I appreciate anyone's help, as the videos, etc. I used for help seem to work so perfectly, but I'm running into this snag.

    - Ian