Problems finding 4G? (VERIZON)

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    I just got my Galaxy Nexus yesterday for free at best buy. So far I love the phone. HD screen is gorgeous, ICS rocks, and it's more responsive than my sister's iPhone 4. She even told me that hers is definitely not as smooth when scrolling around.

    However, my phone seems to only *sometimes* find 4G at my house. I had an HTC Thunderbolt before, and for the past week or two, I noticed I finally have LTE service at my home. However, with my Gnex, half the time it seems to only find 3G. Sometimes if I reboot the phone, it'll find the 4G, but if I switch my wifi from on to off at my home, it seems to only find 3G, and with 0-1 bars. Also, at my friend's house last night, everyone had Verizon iPhones connecting to their Facebooks and intstagrams just fine, but for me, I couldn't get any connection at all. I also couldn't get any connection for the entire 20 minute drive home to stream my Google music from the cloud (However, half the drive usually would have no signal, there are quite a bit of dead spots. But not usually the whole drive). Turning my phone off and on twice when I got home seemed to finally get my 4G to show up again on the device.. but... really?

    I've read online that signal issues were a known problem for this device, but it has 4.0.4, which I thought was supposed to fix it?

    Do I have a defective unit, or does this sound pretty normal?


    Also, just now, while on Wifi, it said I couldn't download an MMS now and to try later. I switched wifi off, and it couldn't find any 3G or 4G. I toggled airplane mode on a off, to no avail. After turning the phone off and on, though, my phone found 4G immediately. The issue seems to be most prevalent after using wifi. Thoughts? Could the SIM card just be the culprit?
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