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    ok,so first off I love miui but I had to stop using because I needed to use the video for work reasons. So now I have seen that video is working and I have installed the newest build. It is great/ but I ran into a few issues.
    1. I have lost all my text messages. I have some very important texts that I need.
    I tried toreinstall from titanium but it didn't work.
    2. I lost all of my bookmarks for the internet. I have a crapload and I really don't want to have to write them all down.
    Again I tried to load from titanium but it didn't work and caused my web to constantly force close

    So please, any help woujld be great. I'm sure that this may have been posted else where but I didn't find it. I am coming from ss. Thx a lot to everyone, in advance
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    I would say the SMS data probably won't be able to import from another rom and if you did managed to do it you would probably run into issues later because of it.

    The browser bookmarks- if you're using dolphin browser you can save, than import them with the addon,'bookmarks to SD'

    You had me at herro
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