Problem with Titanium Backup, PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Since Samsung Y Duos is a phone with poor system storage, I decided to root my phone and use an app like Titanium Backup to move some of my phone's app to the SD card. First problem I had was that when I commanded Titanium to move an app (that I downloaded, not one from the system), it would say "moving app" (or something like that) forever. I waited for 10 minutes and it still said it was moving. So I uninstalled Titanium and tried to install it again. And then, the app that I just tried to moved was said to be on my SD ! So I did that procedure (put to move an app, waited a little bit and uninstalled and installed Titanium again) again and again, untill all the apps I wanted to move were all in my SD. But then, a day later, I started to have another problem: my phone started to show that the system's storage was short and that I should erase some apps. I thought it was weird, especially because I had just given my phone a lot of storage, by placing apps on the SD! Anyway, I went on Titanium and uninstalled some SYSTEM apps (but they wouldnt compromise the system from functionig, because I uninstalled apps such as my phone operator's (TIM games, TIM sports) etc). And then the system storage reduced even more. I erased all my apps data, and that seemed to help for a while. It gave me 25 MB of system storage. Half an hour later, my phone said that i didnt have enough system storage again, and the space available was only 17 MB. I thought it might have been updated from the apps, so I erased all apps. It gave me space for some time, but then, again, the storage was like 14 MB. I found some forums saying that it happens because Titanium has a bug from when you uninstall it, and their solution was to erase "com.kermidas.TitaniumBackup" folder. I erased it, but that still didnt solve the problem.
    Is there a procedure that I should follow? Or is there a way that I could restore the original system apps that I just uninstalled (even though I dont have a backup of the system) and unroot the phone to at least have it like before?
    I would really appreciate if you guys could help. Thanks a lot! I'll wait for an answer.
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