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    Brazilian Moto G XT1033, bootloader unlocked, actually using Stock ROM 5.0.2 with Stock Recovery

    Hello guys

    Well, I was with rooted 5.0.2 ROM 2 days ago, when it notified me that was an update available, so I know that I can't update by OTA with a rooted phone.

    I wiped system/cache/dalvik and installed ROM 4.4.4 by ADB+mfastboot for unroot and be able to update normally.

    When the cell started, I updated the "Motorola update service" in Play Store and searched for new updates (Settings > About phone > System updates). A few seconds and it returned the following message: "Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.".

    So, I downloaded the Stock ROM 5.0.2 and installed it by the same way (Wipe > Install by ADB/mfastboot) hoping that it will solve my problem... But it didn't ;(

    I did some factory resets, some cache wipes etc and nothing worked for me.

    I also installed the stock 5.0.2 recovery again as I saw in a forum topic, but still didn't work.

    It is everything right with my phone and network connections.

    This message keeps popping up, and I can not update.

    Can anyone please help me? Thanks

    (Sorry if I had a bad english, still learning...).
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