Problem with replacing digitizer Hero 9300+

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new on the forum, and just going to get straight to the facts: i have no idea what to do next.

    My phone is a chinese Hero 9300+ , and after a few months, the screen was cracked caused by a drop. The digitiser worked fine (ignoring the crack all over the screen) for another few months, but last month about a third of the digitiser just stopped recognizing my touches. I bought a replacement part from (1pcs/lot Original Capacitive touch screen digitizer for Hero 5.3inch H9500 H9500+ H9300+ Android phone touch screen freeshipping-in Mobile Phone LCDs from Phones & Telecommunications on, and started taking my phone apart.
    After a few hours (i've never done something like this) using a video manual from youtube, all parts were put back together. The LCD-screen was a different connection than the digitiser, and in the video this worked just fine. I booted the phone, and it started nice.
    I just had one problem: the screen didn't recognise a single touch? What do I have to do?
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