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Discussion in 'Android Audio and Video' started by Kenmis, Dec 11, 2010.

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    So, I just got a Droid 2 Global. Digging it so far. I'm trying to make a bunch of custom ringtones/alerts/notifications using sounds from one of my favorite games of all time: Half-Life 2.

    I downloaded a few audio clips and got them to work fine, but I wanted specific sounds, so I downloaded a program that lets me extract the audio (which are in .wav format) from the game files.

    I grab a few sounds, but I can't get them to work w/ the droid.

    I tried using ringdroid and ringtone designer, both of them will open the file, but only play the first .12 seconds or so. I've actually tried multiple times, at multiple frequencies, and each time I dump a new file on the phone, it'll read a a slightly different amount. Sometimes .31 seconds, sometimes .42 seconds, but never much longer than that.

    Both Winamp and the built in media player on the Droid will play the files just fine. It's just ringdroid and ringtone designer that have a problem with it.

    I also tried just putting these files directly in the Media/Audio/Alarms (or notifications or ringtones) file, but they still don't show up when I try to assign the sound to the notification for when I get a text message.

    Any ideas?

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