problem with backing uo current rom using rom manager

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    Hi !

    I wanted to update my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000B when I read I need to install the ClockWork Recovery mode using Odin. In fact, looks like this is a pre-requisite to run "Backup the current Rom" option of RomManager, otherwise I get that message; "E:failed to verify whole-file signature"; "E:signature verification failed"; "Installation aborted" I read in this thread.

    Well, now I am in trouble !

    I put the phone in download mode, and start the flashing the CMRecovery.tar. The process completed successfully. The Odin status is a big green PASS!.

    The problem is now the phone is in a loop displaying Samsung in "normal" font and then Galaxy S Logo.

    What I can do to get the phone working again ?
    What I did wrong ? The CMRecovery.tar is not the right one to my phone ?

    Please, tell me I did not brick my phone !
    Any help is appreciated.
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