Problem When I've Plugged My Cell into My Laptop

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by phil72, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I recently had an issue with my 32gb card not showing on my phone so I removed it and was able to get the pics & tunes that were on it before formatting it, thanks people for your welcome/helpful advice btw!
    Anyways I plugged my cell in and I was going to get pics off and add music to the card, it stated that I needed to get Kies (i think it was) for my PC so I installed it and tried again still no luck? It recognized the phone then says ready to use but that's as far as it gets, I know I can just remove the card and do it directly with that but it's the hassle of removing the freaking Otterbein Defender case if you have or have had one you know the pain it is if you had to take it off everyday to add a new tune etc.
    Sorry for that huge run on sentence well story, you get the idea any pointers would be great I want to learn as much as possible before I get it rooted.
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